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Special Collection

Socio-cognitive elaborations and reactions to economic crisis

Collection launched: 06 Apr 2017
This special issue dedicated to the social psychological study of the economic crisis in different European Union Countries of the Mediterranean includes seven empirical papers discussing different aspects of the phenomenon. Five papers are part of a larger project that started in 2011-2012 aiming to compare the social representations of the economic crisis in Greece, Italy, Portugal and France. Starting from the study of the social representations of the causes of the crisis and the measures to overcome it, various social psychological parameters that interfere are examined. Thus, the political, ideological and social positioning and the axiological universe of the participants and their identities are considered as important mediators and moderators in the different papers. The presentation of the outcome of this research project is completed by a paper analysing the way the crisis was depicted in the Italian Press and a paper looking at the impact of the financial threat to political participation in France. The research presented here reveal the ways that social subjects give meaning to a situation of crisis and thus provide social and political insights into social thinking and behaviours with important policy implications for nations and Europe. (image provided with permission from PChryss)