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Special Collection

Conflicts in social influence: A Festschrift in honour of Gabriel Mugny

Collection launched: 30 Nov 2018

The constructive role of conflict has been studied for more than forty years in research programs spanning such different domains as social development, social influence, and the construction of knowledge. The study of conflict has provided tremendous impetus to the understanding of the mechanisms underlying individual and social change, and Gabriel Mugny has been a pioneer and a driving force in the development of a social psychological understanding of the structuring role of conflict. The present special issue aims at celebrating his contribution to all these domains and reflecting the importance that his perspective on structuring conflicts has represented in social psychology. The special issue gathers empirical and theoretical papers that provide new areas of investigation, developments of existing paradigms, theoretical considerations on past research, and work integrating different areas of research and practice.

Guest editors: Fabrizio Butera (University of Lausanne) and Juan Manuel Falomir-Pichastor (University of Geneva)